Industries which we help to grow

We provide our customers with a full range of forgings, iron, ductile and steel castings. Our own pattern and tooling shops, heat treatment and machining stations and testing laboratories allow us to carry out orders from the design to the ready-to-assemble product. We cooperate with our customers to develop and improve our products.

Our competitive advantage is openness to our client’s needs. We are involved in the process of designing products and new details and in optimising current structures of our customers. We supply finished and ready-for-assembly castings and forgings. We implement new technological solutions, such as replacing welded structures with castings. Our professionalism is confirmed by certification societies, client references and high scores of auditors.

What do we produce?

  • pull-rods
  • vibration damping components in carriages
  • plugs and centre pivots
  • hooks
  • wheel centres
  • gears
  • grease-boxes
  • axes
We offer a complete cast iron weight that is ready to be mounted on agricultural tractors and that is more durable and definitely more robust than concrete or magnetite weights. Its attractive appearance, quality of workmanship and consideration of individual needs in production (e.g. the option of adjusting the shape and colour of the weight to the design of the tractor) make our product primarily dedicated to premium brands.

What do we produce?

  • distance components
  • pulleys
  • front and wheel ballasts
  • gearbox housings
  • front plate
  • housings
  • arms
  • supports
On land and at sea, we provide comprehensive solutions for the oil & gas industry. Our steel castings can be successfully applied at great depths and in highly saline environments. Our castings are used in gas and steam turbines of leading manufacturers for the electric power industry.

What do we produce?

  • glands
  • balls
  • connectors
  • hubs
  • rings
  • covers / housings
  • bushings
  • shafts
  • supports
Forgings and castings in the automotive industry complement each other, so we provide our customers with a comprehensive range of forgings and iron, spheroidal and steel castings. We deliver machined and ready-for-assembly products. Our automatic lines are fully prepared for mass production of components for the automotive industry. We have the IATF certificate.


What do we produce?

  • brake drums
  • drive transmission components
  • steering components
  • compressor housings
We supply a wide range of castings and forgings that are an integral part of the equipment to the machinery and equipment industry. Thanks to our laboratories in each of the production departments and strict quality control of our products, we can meet the expectations of even the most demanding partners.

What do we produce?

  • wheels, rings and rolls
  • bearing housings
  • stands
  • pistons
  • crankshafts
Marine castings are made of ductile cast iron with minimal degeneration of graphite (Chunky). In thick-walled castings we obtain the 2-class internal defectiveness according to the PN-EN-12680-3 standard. Strength parameters of samples cut from castings are above the values set forth in Table B.1 of the PN-EN-1563 standard.

In the shipbuilding industry we manufacture components for propulsion systems.
Castings and forgings included in our range of products constitute an integral part of such mining machines as longwall and roadway systems, combine harvesters, drilling rigs and loaders. The long-term cooperation with leading manufacturers of machinery for the mining industry has enabled us to develop the highest production standards. Our products are used, among others, in mines in Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and China.

What do we produce?

  • profiles (pans), flight bars, rackbars, sockets,  connectors for armoured face conveyors 

  • bottom sprag and roof bar seats, bottoms, feet, piston rods

  • track links

  • ring gear segments

  • corners, bucket elements, teeth

  • hooks 

  • hubs

  • crown heads

  • cones, gear housings, cylinders, cylinder covers

A comprehensive offer and a wide range of products and materials are our competitive advantages appreciated by our customers. A team of experienced engineers cooperate with our customers with respect of product development. Modern machining cells enable us to provide ready-to-assemble parts. Our own laboratories conduct quality controls at every stage of production. The top-notch quality of our products is confirmed by many certificates awarded to us continuously for years.

What do we produce?

  • components of cap guides
  • valve housings
  • rods
  • pistons
  • bushings
  • lugs and flanges for actuators
  • rollers
  • supports
  • hitches
  • connecting fittings
The range of industrial fittings includes elements of valves, process pumps for operation with extremely aggressive media. One of the ongoing research and development projects enables us to obtain a technology for the production of steel castings resistant to extreme operating conditions, such as high salinity, low temperatures up to - 60 degrees Celsius, or high pressure at depths below 3,000 meters.

What do we produce?

  • disks and fastening components
  • valve housings
  • couplings
What do we produce?

  • bowls,
  • gears,
  • wings
In the metallurgical industry machines exposed to heavy duty operation and harmful factors require robust components. We manufacture castings and forgings with increased strength parameters with the support of the best specialists and state-of-the-art technologies. Thanks to our research and development projects, we can design technologies for the production of steel and iron castings with increased strength parameters.


What do we produce?

  • insulation
  • grate beam
  • breaker star
  • running wheels
  • hammers
  • grate bars
  • abrasive liners